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The house is 1.5 km from the small rural village of Santa Maria de Merlès, an ideal environment for walking and discovering hidden treasures such as the church and the Roman bridge of Sant Martí de Merlès, and the magnificent Riera de Merlès.
From the house you can do trekking routes or biking, between fields and forests, and beside the river.

If you like animals, do not miss a visit to the wildlife breeding center and environmental education in Camadoca, where during the months of April to October there are guided tours of the unique wildlife that you can see in our rivers and forests.

And if you like adventure and sport activities, we recommend you to contact Indòmit, specialists in sports and adventure activities, located in the neighboring village of Olvan.
Casa Puigdesala | 08517 Santa Maria de Merlès (Barcelona) | Tel: +34 667 25 75 18 |