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The Berguedà: Tourist District Council Portal Berguedà. Heritage information, tourist attractions and towns.

Tourism in the Lluçanès: Official website of the Consortium of Tourism Lluçanès,

Berguedà Farm Association: Portal for rural tourism in the region of Berguedà. Accommodation, weather, activities and information.

Santa Maria de Merlès: Web of the City of Santa Maria de Merlès.

Camadoca : Breeding center of wildlife and environmental education. Guided tours where you can see unique fauna of our rivers and forests. Contact: 93 822 81 77 - 616 94 04 89 email: Brochure Camadoca pdf

Ç Trencada: Guided tours by Lluçanès.
Casa Puigdesala | 08517 Santa Maria de Merlès (Barcelona) | Tel: +34 667 25 75 18 |